Saturday, October 29, 2016

Home@Stirling - Primary School Friend Gathering 2016

 Group photo before we started eating!
Simple potluck where everyone had to bring a little something to the table. We prepared a big water canister of ribena and braised triple layered pork. Hubs cooked the night before and continued simmering this afternoon.

The rest brought sausages, salad, chomp chomp satay and chicken wings, fried rice, beehoon, noodles and gyoza. Super sumptous and I ate to the brim!
Both Jules and James were so hungry that they started off on their owns, munching on the satay as you can see in the photo above.

And to cap it off, we all had my almond longan jelly. Not in the photos cos it was so late already when we took it out to serve.

Last group photo before we called it a night!

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