Saturday, May 10, 2014

Jules turn 2!!

Hubs booked out really late on Jules' 2nd birthday. So we had a late lunch at Manhatten Fish market, walked to Raffles city basement and bought something from Monoyono. Shall blog about it another day. Something really cute, though hubs was giving me the rolls eyeball look. And he stopped me from buying yet another "white elephant" item. Probably is the 3 months of maternity leave that makes me want to do some impulse buying?

Back to Jules' birthday as I'm digressing way too much here on my shopping.
We headed back home around 8pm cos both sides of Jules' grandparents are just waiting to come over to celebrate his birthday with him.

My parents were getting the cake and present and so did my in-laws.

here are some photos of Jules kissing his little bro. He love James to bits. I asked him the other day about putting James permanently at my in-laws, he waved his hands in the air from left to right "no!!! didi stay here."

 me and James
I'm almost near my pre-pregnant weight now!!! 1 more kilo to go!
 When everyone has arrived, it's time to cut the cake! And Jules was very very excited and happy!
He loves the Birthday song and blowing candles.

 hahah! The silly boy wanted to help by taking the candles out and burned his little finger!!!

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