Friday, May 2, 2014

SerenDPty - A family gathering to celebrate the May birthdays

The day started late as Hubs had a meeting in the morning and he rushed home to get a quick shower and change. Today we are celebrating 3 birthdays in a row. Yes we have 3 May babies in the family - Jules and Jules' both granddaddies! They are all born in the month of May!!!

Happy birthday to Jules and his granddaddies!!!

We thought it would be a great idea to celebrate all 3 birthdays on a yacht which we rented for a really cheap price. It was a potluck event as I thought BBQ would be too troublesome for us. The whole family was very excited about this event because no one has gone on a private yacht before.
Here's Jules with his swim bag and cap. Now whenever it's sunny, he will want to wear his cap. and he will insists on wearing it.
That's Jules grandma, carrying him with lots of pride. My mum misses Jules so much now that Jules is currently staying at my place during my maternity leave.

And below are some shots of everyone in the family. starting with baby James who is fast asleep here and knows nothing of the cruise ahead.
 my sis and brother in law.
my pretty mum who is beaming from ear to ear. 
She pretty excited about the whole trip.

 here's hubs' side of the family - my in-laws who are also very prep with the trip. 
They came all prepared with their hats and caps.
 and of course, my eldest son - Jules who started crying the minute the engine started.
what a crybaby, the real baby is not even crying but Jules was frightened to bits because of the loud engine sound.

Jules and my dad, after we calmed and coaxed him with a cuttlefish ball. Apparently it works all the time!

Pampered Jules - both my parents offering him drinks and my mum holding onto his half bitten cuttlefish ball.
James awaked from his short nap and enjoying the seabreeze better than his brother.

It was about 30-45mins ride before we reached Lazarus island and once we docked at the jetty, we lit the cake, sang one big hearty birthday song and cut the cake! Our cake was from Lady M. Really lovely crepe cake, soft, moist and deliciously refreshing.

hubs managed to find a big lighter and lit the cake but it was too windy outside so we all went in! haha! Lately Jules loves birthday cakes and candles because he get so excited when everyone is singing the birthday song and he gets to blow the candles. It's real fun to him although i haven't the faintest idea what is so captivating about it. Guess it's all the fuss and attention he gets.


 group photo!
The weather was scorching hot so after a quick walk around the island, we went back to the yacht and ate our potluck aboard. 
Mum made caesar salad, my in-laws brought the drinks and ice, my sis and bro in law made mango sago. We brought beehoon, honey baked BBQ wings and cuttlefish balls.
 Jules and his entourage. Everyone was fussing over him. Goodness knows why!

 Jules blowing a dandelion.
 walk the walk.

time passes very quickly and the sun is setting. Soon we left Lazarus island and head back to Keppel Bay Marina. Sigh...the only good thing is that tomorrow is Friday and it's a public holiday so I get to spend a long weekend with hubs. The next 2 weeks will be terrible without him as he is going for a 2 weeks reservist.

to cap off, here's a photo of myboys!

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