Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bali Day 1 - It's a Rainy Day

Dear Diary,

1am: Airport transfer. Reached our hotel - Bali Dynasty Resort
2am: Check into our rooms. Unpack and zzz.
8am: Woke up and it was raining. Shucks
930am: Breakfast at hotel. Nice. Good variety of food. But it's still raining.
1030am: Back to Hotel room for the kids to wash up, watch a little telly.
130pm: Discovery Mall for Lunch and walk walk
4pm: Back to hotel, watch telly, raining heavily so we can't really go anywhere with 3 children and we only had 2 umbrellas. The kids watched Disney Junior while the adults watched HBO.
830pm: Dinner in hotel because it was still raining!

cute towel elephant
We woke up really late this morning because last night, by the time we reached the hotel and check in it was 1am. By the time we unpacked, settled the kids into their pajamas, it was 2am. So I guess it's pretty awesome that we managed to get everyone at the breakfast area at 930am. Luckily breakfast ends at 1030am which gave us ample time to feed everyone.

above: boys jumping on the bed before breakfast.

 back from breakfast.

above: baby Jade smiling after her milk feed.  Satisfied look.
 hubs making her burp...

 hubs trying the "lay on lap" burping style
sometimes the burp just doesn't want to come out.

 our boys watching Disney Junior

 above: Hotel Lobby
Discovery Mall - 4th storeys with many shops, both local and international. If you don't want to bargain outside along the streets for souvenirs and local products, you can come here to buy. We are here to hide from the rain as well as to find some food.

There's A&W, KFC, Starbucks and Breadtalk!

below are my 2 sons fooling around at Starbucks while hubs went to get me a cuppa hot mocca....and i was at Breadtalk buying some buns for the kids.

rainy streetscape of kuta

 above: back to hotel. all the kids fell asleep after lunch.

--- jump to dinner ---
 i had mie goreng which was too salty for my tastebuds and a cup of tropical fruit juice
 Hubs ordered sate for Jules and lasagna for himself

Just me slinging baby Jade, hubs and Jules at the hotel cafe eating our dinner because James is asleep and refused to wake up and come out for his dinner.

hubs feeding James his dinner in our room

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