Thursday, February 2, 2017

Bali Day 2 - It's still raining cats and dogs

Dear Diary,

930am: Breakfast at hotel. OMG it's still raining. Hubs asked me is it the monsoon season...but monsoon season is about the wind and not about the rain.
10am: Slightly sunny though there were some over clouds. Brought Jules and James to the pool for some wet fun.
2pm: Got onto a blue bird taxi and headed for Made Warung. Lunch was Nasi Camphur, Nasi Goreng, Gado Gado, 1 iced chocolate and 1 iced tea.
4pm: Walked from Made Warung to BeachWalk Mall
7pm: hopped onto taxi and made our way back to hotel.
830pm: took our umbrellas and brave the rain. Walked along Kuta to find our dinner.

good morning bali! 
Although it's raining non stop since we arrived, nothing is going to dampen our spirits! 

At Bali Dynasty Resort, there's quite a few activities lined up for rainy days. There's food carving lessons, pillow fights for the kids, kids club where you can "throw" your children for a few hours and spend some time at their Spa.

In the comforts of your own room, there's so many cable channels to choose from. And there's one telly for the kids and one for the adults! Don't have to fight over the remote control.

my morning breakfast
hubs with sleepy Jade
we are taking turns to carry sleepy Jade while we have our breakfast. 
Sigh...the true life of new parenthood again. This is the time where we wish she could just sit in a high chair and eat her own breakfast. hah! Ever since both Jules and James started eating on their own, life has been so much easier...and it's back to square one again.

James chasing the ducks...cheekily.

hubs and his two loyal followers

jules says this morning is a lobster.

my 2 sons, giving hubs a good massage.
James continuing, Jules is flat out.

bb J in her fox socks. so cute.

--- series of photos of just me and bb J ---

Finally it stopped raining for awhile, hubs and I decided to bring Jade out for some photo-taking while our 2 boys stayed in the room cos they enjoyed watching Disney Junior so much. 

me trying to imitate bb J

Kois and ducks

 --- back to our room to rest and check up on the boys ----

The rain stopped for awhile and we decided to bring the kiddos to the pool before we went out for lunch. Our boys enjoyed the big slide the most, although there was a playground pool with bridges and a small slide topped with a big bucket of falling water, they didn't like that cos it splashed out too much water.

Jules was the first to go up the big slide. He was so excited that he ran up without his father accompanying him!

 next it was James turn to go onto the big slide

Late lunch as we were all very full from our buffet breakfast. We hopped onto a blue bird taxi and ran on meter to Made Warung. Recently the road outside our hotel had changed from 2 way to just 1 way road. So when getting back to the hotel, the cab has to go one big round just to reach our hotel.

It cost about 70,000 rupiah back, so if you can bargain about this price to get back to the hotel, you probably should do it so that the cab driver will take the fastest route back. We didn't know so when we went back, we requested for meter again and the cab driver took a bloody long way just to hit 70,000 rupiah back. OMG, baby Jade was crying like a mad man in the car. It was not possible to calm her down at all.

that was our lesson learnt, so the next day from Beachwalk Mall, we just took the cab driver to drive us back to our hotel for 70,000 rupiah. It was way much faster than the day before.
gloomy day in bali

People watching at Made Warung

Although it was a late afternoon, there were quite a few people like us, having a late lunch at Made warung and watching the people go by. I reckon it was partially the raining weather too. Makes it hard to travel anyway on foot.

Made Warung's famous Nasi Camphur

From Made Warung, we walked all the way to Beachwalk mall which is approx 20mins on foot. The streets of bali is quite walkable, though halfway James gave up and hubs had to carry him. We were very fortunate that Jules was quite understanding and didn't asked to be carried. If not I think hubs would have fainted.

Walked past Jamie Oliver's italian restaurant and Hard Rock cafe hotel. I went in, thinking of buying a baby romper for Jade but I guess the rocker style romper just wasn't what I had in mind. Despite the grey cloudy yet windy weather, there were many people on the streets of kuta and even on the beach!

The wind was just howling!

Finally we reached Beachwalk Mall...but we stayed only for about 15mins to treat Jules to a soft cone and we took a cab back because both Jules and James were very exhausted from the journey...especially Jules who walked all the way here.

Evening we walked down the streets of kuta to find our dinner. After dinner, it started raining again...
Radler Bintang

good night bali!

hope it will be sunny tomorrow.

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