Friday, February 3, 2017

Bali Day 3 - Yet another raining day

Dear Diary,

930am: Breakfast at hotel
11am: Swimming Pool! Sudden rain!
1pm: Hubs goes to Discovery Mall and packed Burger King for the boys who were zzz-ing in the hotel together with me and Jade.
We spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping and watching HBO
7pm: Took a cab down to Beachwalk Mall. Dinner at Sushi Tei. Late night shopping at the supermarket at basement level.
9pm: Cab back to hotel

 Good Morning Bali!

Despite the slight drizzle, we decided to bring the boys to the pool, since they will be getting wet anyway. Plus we didn't really want them to coup themselves up in the hotel room the whole day watching Disney channels...

Boys swimming gear
James wants his float and Jules wanted his swimming vest. (And because we are afraid that they might fight over things, we brought 2 of each type)
Jules still can argue with me that he doesn't need swimming lessons because he has a vest that makes him float. I kept telling him that if he knows how to swim, he doesn't even need the vest. But he insists that he wants his vest. AIYOH!

Took a cab down to Beachwalk Mall. Had our dinner at Sushi Tei. Absolutely no queue at all as compared to back home.

Us in Blue and White

From the local supermarket, you can find some fruits which never make it to the shores of Singapore like Alpukat, Makisa and Jeruk! If you happen to drop by some of the local drink stalls or cafes, you probably might find their juices. We bought some East Bali Cashews back to our hotel to try...and it was quite nice!

2 more days of Bali left.

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