Sunday, February 19, 2017

Jade // Today I am two months old

Jade at 2 months
5.355 kgs and 57cm long
Drinking 100ml of milk at each feed, 3 hourly intervals. I would say she is a fussy drinker because her brothers just drank milk when they were asleep, however she will cry a big one when she is being disturbed from her sleep during night feeds.

Doesn't poo regularly as she did in her first month though when she does a big one, it can be so stinky that her 2 brothers run away as fast as they can. She is starting to blow bubbles and bite her mittens. But I rather she bite her mittens than to scratch her face with her fingernails.

Doctor says her height and weight is above average and growing well! She is also starting to blow bubbles and smiles more often these days too. Jules always says she is so cute and squeezes her two checks together.

she is very much loved by her mummy, daddy and 2 naughty brothers!


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