Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Our first family Getaway with 3 kids! - Getting to Bali 7 Days 5 Nights

It's my third maternity leave now...so i'm a rather experienced mother. heh!

I've decided to bring the whole herd on a family getaway to Bali. Firstly because I'm already on leave. Secondly this is the time when all the contractors are "resting" so hubs gets to rest as well. Thirdly, it's the long weekend Lunar New Year holidays!

Hubs booked our bali air tickets from Airasia because it's the cheapest during this season. We wanted to fly by SQ initially 2 months ago when we started planning for our CNY trip. However because Jade came out so late at 40 weeks, so that delayed us making her passport earlier and so we couldn't book any "cheap" flights from SQ.

Anyway we reckon it's a 2 hour 45mins flight to Bali, so it shouldn't matter much on a budget airline. Although if there was a telly to entertain the boys and plus meals, that would be so much easier to spend the time away on the flight.

Our flight was scheduled to leave Singapore at 845am so we had to reach the airport about 630am. So our 2 boys were woken up about 5am plus in the morning...Jules was so excited!!!

We booked a cab since it was so early in the morning and we had 3 luggages with us....better take the safer route and dial a cab rather than to go onto the main road to hail for a taxi.

 Once we reached the airport, we went to find our breakfast. Settled ourselves at Wang Cafe.
 bb Jade still zzz-ing
 The boys waiting for their soft boil eggs.

 I had mee siam while hubs had thier signature ah-po mian

Once we have settled our boys' stomachs, we proceeded to the departure hall. Now at least they are full and happy, they can walk by themselves.

At Changi Airport, if you managed to spend a minimum of S$60 at the Public Area; S$90 on iShopChangi.com; or S$120 at the Transit Area, Changi Recommends and supermarkets in a single receipt, you can redeem a Pokemon plushie at $9.90. Just too bad, this round i didn't have any beauty care or cosmetics which i needed to stock up. Sorry Jules...
I'm using my pupsik baby sling - travel light and easy! It's coming to my 5th year now. Very durable, affordable, many prints to choose from and best of all, it's so flat and easy to pack.

 these CNY doughnuts are so pretty!

While the kids were playing at a playground, I stuffed my face with a doughnut even after my bowl of mee siam! Gosh..am i really that hungry?

When it was time, we went to the departure lounge and our flight was delayed twice! OMG, we are going to reach Bali so late! After waiting like almost half an hour....the plane arrived and baby Jade has woken up as well.

Jules and James were so cute on the plane! They started to flip the magazines and tried to pretend that they could read. LOL. After awhile they got tired of their pretend play, so we had to entertain them with videos on our handphone which we had downloaded earlier. And offered them a mini lollypop when the plane started to take off.

rites. now we just have to wait and get our butts to Bali!
I can't wait to get to the beach and the swimming pool!!!


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