Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jade - Thank you all for your generous gifts!

We just celebrated Jade's Full Moon Party or sometimes I get a little mixed up and calls it Full Month Party. But we all know it means the same thing right?

I just want to thank everyone who came down to Jade's party because it means so much to me. Being a mother of 2 initially, I've already felt that time spent with my 2 children is very little. And it takes lots of effort and scheduling to bring my 2 sons to anywhere possible on time, given that James eats like a snail and so, to prepare him for an outing is like me having to do way advance time planning and management.

THANK YOU so much to all who came and spent time with us! especially those who brought their kids down to play and having to baby sit their children and yet finding time to talk to me and asking after me.

thank you so much and i feel really blessed and loved.


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