Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Confinement Food Journal - Muscle meat? Muscle 肉?

ooo...today's lunch soup was super delicious!!! it had dong chong cao 冬虫草, muscle meat, wolfberries and red dates.

My soup had this pork meat which i have no idea which part of it came from the pig, it was perfectly oval shaped piece of meat. very tender and had no bones. Hubs went to ask nanny what is it called.

she said it's called muscle 肉.
both of us went wide-eyed.

she also said that if we go to the market and ask for muscle 肉, the pork seller will know which part we want. our minds went - really?
other dishes which i had together with my super delicious soup was sliced potatoes 土豆丝, kailan with pork slices and vinegar pork trotter.

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