Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Jules - My boyfriend!

Jules came home after his school and I allowed him to play on his scooter outside in the evening. Suddenly he came out and shouted my name over our gate.

i went to gate and saw him trying to put his little head through the gap of our main gate, looking inwards, with one hand stretched out to me, holding to a small bunch of ixora flowers and said: " FOR YOU MUMMY!!!!"

and he asked me in his sweetest voice:"YOU LIKE???"

my heart overfilled with joy and tenderness. So happy until I felt like tearing. Guess must be all the post-natal hormones acting up and feeling super overwhelmed.

i love you too Jules.

love, mummy.

ps: after seeing what his elder brother has offered me, James quickly followed and plucked some flowers for me too.

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