Saturday, January 14, 2017

Jade - Burping her...

Jade has this habit of nursing until she much so that she over drinks and regurgitate out milk so often that we have to keep rushing for tissue paper to clean her up and changing the muslin for her.

I tried to wean her off from nursing if she needs it to sleep but it is so difficult to put her to zzz. She will fuss and cry non stop. To help ease her milk regurgitation, we try to make her burp after every feed. Sometimes it's pretty fast which is great but sometimes we pat her back for so long and nothing comes out from her mouth.

we tried introducing the pacifier too but she just removes it by sticking it out with her tongue.

My 2 older boys were quite easy to put them to their naps in the day because once they finish their milk, they will naturally unlatch and go to sleep. Jade is the opposite, she just keeps sucking and sleeping at the same time and never unlatches.

i'm feeling quite sore by the end of the day... and usually at night i will just pump out my breast milk and just bottle feed her directly.

any mums out there have this similar problem where your baby doesn't want to latch off and refuses to zzz?

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