Thursday, January 5, 2017

Post Natal Massage - JAMU

I'm almost coming to the end of my 7 day Post-Natal Massage Jamu. I've signed up with a local company that does the massage and they will organise a masseuse that will drop by your house to do the massage at the timing which you request.

Usually I will inform the centre on the day of my delivery and organise a time and date to start my session. They will require your weight, height and waist in inches as they will provide the binder. I just need to prepare a space for the massage to be done and 2 big towels.

You can start your massage on the 5th -7th day if you had a normal delivery. The massage doesn't start straight away because the uterus is swollen and it needs some time recover before massage is done.
The massage is a 60 minute full body massage plus 15 minutes application of Jamu (Tapel & Pilis), ginger slimming cream and binding. The Jamu is applied on the tummy and forehead area to dispel the wind. During the 60 minute massage, there's also the breastfeeding compression done with a hot stone that will help to relieve engorged breasts and clears blocked ducts. Before the start of the massage, the masseuse will request for a pot and water to heat up the stone. After 45mins of heating the stone, the masseuse will then do the hot stone application.

I've been having my JAMU done for my previous 2 pregnancies as my tummy reduced quite abit so I thought I should do it for my third one too! The more help i get, the faster I get my before weight back!

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