Monday, January 23, 2017

Jade - 5 weeks plus

 baby pants from Cotton On Baby

Weight: 4.510kg
Height: 53.5cm
Afternoon we went to the PD for her one month old check up. For both weight and height, she is at the 75th percentile. So she's doing ok! However she hasn't pooped for a week already when she was such a regular pooper before she turned 1 month old.
I'm not overly concerned since her 2 older brothers also had this problem since they were a baby. We tried changing formulas and even gave them probiotics but it just didn't seem to have any effect. Moreover Jade is almost on 100% breast milk. Only occasionally when we are outside and it's inconvenient to nurse her, we would then offer her formula milk. So I do not think it's the milk powder that is causing the constipation. Must be the genes. my genes I think since I find it really hard to poo on a daily basis too.
ritey ho.
i will try to keep updating Jules, James and Jade but it's really hard nowadays to find the time now that my confinement nanny has gone home and we are back to sleepless nights nursing baby Jade now.

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