Saturday, January 28, 2017


for a few years now, our tradition is to start the day off by dressing our children in their new clothes for the new year and just before we start our visiting, we will give them their ang bows (red packets).
Jules and James usually just received them and quickly hands it over to me and run away to play. This year however, Jules' kindergarten teacher gave him a red packet with golden chocolate coins in them.

so when he received a red packet from hubs, he opens it and saw that there was no golden chocolate coins, he started to cry!

and we had to explain to him that red packets are usually filled with money, and with this money he should save up and when the time comes, he can use this money wisely. He didn't really understand the whole concept of saving as yet, so we had to explain it once more that he should give it to his mummy to keep now and next time he can buy toys and more chocolate coins...ok this part he got it.


above: jules teary eye because he found out that there was no golden chocolate coins in his red packet but only money. Silly boy!

above: after explaining the meaning of saving and eventually enabling him to buy even more chocolate coins, then he is happy.

 above: Jade and her first 2 angbows from us.

 above: us decked in red


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