Friday, January 27, 2017

Reunion Dinner! 团圆饭

It's my first Lou Hei this Lunar New Year...and my mummy bought it from Canton Paradise branch at Star Vista. It was quite good!! Moist, not overly sweet and it came with a can of abalone. And with it, they also provided a "Prosperity Yu Sheng Auspicious Greeting" - it is a list of good tidings to say when adding all the ingredients to the Yu Sheng.

 above: me. I'm in charge of saying all the auspicious things! hah!

 I really love eating lou hei, i guess it's one of my favourite things to do during the CNY.

above: my mum squeezing the lime juice out and I read out the 大吉大利。Jules was in charge of pouring the shaved peanuts and James will be pouring out the fried crackers next. Hubs was taking photos for all of us...everyone was super busy!

 above: James pouring the fried crackers now as I shout out :财源滚滚, 黄金满地!

family reunion photo now! 
All except Jade who is being carried by my helper so she is not in this photo.

 and it's time for the tossing of good fun!!!

 above: what my mummy cooked!

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