Thursday, January 5, 2017

Jade - Passport photo

above: Jade looking sideways...not a straight frontal photo

We are thinking of going for a short family getaway during the Lunar New Year and intending to bring baby Jade along too! However being the latest addition to the family, it also means that she doesn't have a passport. So we got to apply for her one before we can plan for a trip. We tried to take a photo of her against a white background wall and realised that it's too difficult as her neck was so soft and her head was wobbling all around the place. Technically we will need someone to hold her head while taking the photo upright...which is not possible. I think it's too difficult to photoshop the fingers holding her head away.

Next alternative was to lie her on a white piece of paper...which we tried but guess what? She keeps moving her head left and right. Goodness. it was not an easy feat!
 above: photo looks straight alright but how come only one ear is visible? Better take again.
She's decked in her Carter's grey polka dot romper with a small pink ribbon on the front.
Super cute! I really love this romper a lot!

above: finally a straight photo...but where are her ears??? Her cheeks are so swollen with baby fat that we can't see the ears at all! Should we submit this photo for her passport?

above: oh dear...after so many trials, baby Jade has fallen asleep and her eyes are now closed. zzz
i also want to zzz too.

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