Sunday, January 15, 2017

JADE // Full Moon Party Photos

Jade is still shy of 4 days before she turns one month old. My MIL says that full moon party must be held before she turns 1 month old and we can't do it after. So here's the latest weekend to hold her a party before she turns one month. I wanted to keep the party small and manageable, so I only invited about 30 guests or so, including relatives, close friends and colleagues.

i want to thank everyone who came to Jade's party as it was held on a Sunday evening and it's a working day the next day. And also want to thank everyone who brought presents and gifts to share our joy on this special day.

If any of my readers who wants contacts as to where I purchased my party items, you can email me at or you can leave me a message on my tagboard and i will try my best to reply as soon as possible.

So that's all folks!
enjoy the rest of the photos.


above: my confinement nanny and baby Jade

above: dessert table setting

above: james acting like a koala, hugging onto hubs primary school classmate

above: me and baby Jade

above: Jules insisting on wearing his pokemon t-shirt for today although it's a PINK party.

above: cuz, myself with Jade and cuz' friend who also became my good friend...with Jules in the background cycling.
above: Jules learning how to take photos


above: baby Elliot who is only one month older than Jade

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