Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jules - 1st visit to the Singapore Zoo (part 2)

 next we saw giant turtles, 2 were having a bath, the rest were eating vegetables in a pit. we also went pass the penguins, polar bears, pelicans and sea lions.

The only show which we managed to catch on time was the Rainforest one. We tried the elephant one which was so crowded that we couldn't squeeze ourselves into the pavilion.

Above: are the boys waiting for the rainforest show to start. Jules is having his biscuits and water here while waiting.

We managed to catch the feeding time of the white tiger and here's hubs propping Jules up on his shoulders to catch a glimpse of the white tiger.
 Father and son looked at each other : YUP, it's time we moved along.

We stopped over at the foodcourt for lunch and fed Jules his porridge before we called it a day. We had nasi padang with baked chicken ($9.50) and mee siam ($6.50). It was super crowded. Thank god we managed to find a seat and the weather was good enough. The whole day it was windy and not sunny at all, if not i think i would have gotten a sunburnt.

on the way out, we passed by the souvenir shops and let Jules had a hug at the furry animals. He loved them but we didn't buy one for him.

and he was knocked out...zzz on the way back home.

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