Friday, August 9, 2013

Jules - Lego Duplo "My First Garden Set"

We bought Jules a Lego Duplo "My first garden set" for him to play because he enjoyed his first 2 sets from his 1st birthday party. So this set had flowers, a pony and a goat plus a gardener or he could probably be a farmer since he has a pitch fork. I really don't know. But the parts that came in the set was really cute (like the fence and bunch of cherries) and most of them, Jules didn't have them, so I thought it wasn't really a repeat and bought it for him.

 here's how the box looks like

here's the end product, made proudly by his grandma...grandma made the pony carried a bunch of red cherries while the goat had to carry a red lego block. hahha....

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