Friday, August 9, 2013

Jules - TGIF National Day Barbeque at home

 1230pm: Hub is starting his charcoal in a "Ba Gua" Formation!

 then my in-laws arrived. and helped to keep Jules entertain while i start to take all the food out from the fridge.

We served baked veggies on a pile of garden salad before the BBQ started to settle everyone's stomaches. As you know, BBQ takes awhile to get the fire started and the food cooked.
 Today, we are having a feast! - we have chicken fillet, pork fillet, beef steak, prawns, scallops, garlic sausages, crab sticks, squid and vegetables of all sorts!

 Soon we got the fire started, thanks to hubs and dad-in-law!

While the men got the BBQ going, i did the photo-taking for the day!
 it was so coincidental that Jules and his grandma were wearing matching outfits that day!

 now we are BBQ-ing prawns
 Jules is eyeing at his grandmother's plate of BBQ meat.

 here's a weird expression shot of Jules and my parents.
 here's a happy shot of jules and my parents.
Think we added to much butter to the scallops that it caught fire! So we immediately put the lid down and the fire was put out.
 Happy National Day to all my fellow Singaporeans!
Here's wishing Singapore a prosperous 48th year and many more to come, may we stay a strong and peaceful nation.
finally to end the BBQ with apple strudel, compliments from my cousin!

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