Sunday, August 25, 2013

Jules - Vivocity Water play

Sunday morning and I usually enjoy my breakfast either at Redhill's vegetarian store or Vivocity's Toastbox to get my daily fills of a good meal.

This sunday as I'm in the itch for some shopping, so it's breakfast at Vivocity before I head off to H&M, MDS, Mothercare, UNIQLO, COTTON ON KIDS, TOYS'R"Us, FrancFranc for some retail therapy! And i usually round off my shopping spree with a good ole cuppa earl grey milk tea from Gongcha.

After some shopping, it was time to feed Jules his cerealac and we stopped by the 2nd storey water play area.
Both the boys kept looking towards the shrills and screams from the other kids who were playing with the water jets and basking in the sun. Many of them were in their playsuits while some came unprepared like us, were in normal rompers or tees.

As you can see, Jules was very interested in joining all the other kids at the water play area and kept pointing towards their direction. So we told him that he has to eat finish his cereals and then we will let him join in the wet fun.


we took off his shorts before letting him play at the wet area as we came unprepared for this sudden"activity". However I did some shopping for Jules at H&M, so he has a "spare" tee now when he gets wet.

Jules enjoyed himself so much, chasing after the water jets and trying to step on the spurts of water. He tried to catch the jets with his bare hands too and many a times, it ended spraying his face and he gets a HAPPY shock! So funny! He's very thrilled!!!

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