Saturday, March 18, 2017

Swimming Day at Marina Bay Sands

This is the last fun day of our March School Holidays. Earlier this week, we brought the kids to Gardens by the Bay to see life size dinosaurs, then we brought them out to the Singapore River Safari to see the Pandas and now we are checking into Marina Bay Sands for the night!

The weather is awesomely HOT! So the pool water will be warm for the kids to take a dip in. The whole Singapore CBD skyline could be seen crystal clear from the pool edge. Jules was enjoying himself so much in the pool whereas scarey cat James couldn't bear to let go of hubs to join in the fun.

I wanted to go into the pool but Jade was crying so much...I'm not sure whether was it the lift that made her cranky or is it the hot sun!? the end I didn't get to take photos of myself with Jade here...

The swimming pool is located on the 57th storey and is only opened to guests...and the lifts that goes up here moves at a pretty fast speed. So much that your ears will be under pressure and goes pop! So every time when we get into the lift, I cringed a little because Jade looks teary eyes after the lift stops at high floors.

Photos were all taken by our GoPro. Some shots looks like a fish eye lens...hahaha. But we really love our GoPro since we love taking the kids to the pool and this little camera can do all the wonders underwater. Can't wait to take more water photos when we bring our kids to Tioman in stay tuned for more water bomb photos!!! haha.

For the rest of the photos, will have to wait a little cos I haven't found the time to download my mobile pix....but it was a really eventful weekend for all Singaporeans! There was the carnival and Art-Zoo at The Float@Marina Bay and Children's Festival at Gardens By the Bay...light shows by the Marina Bay and Pasar Bella was there there's much food, beer and merry making the whole night!

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