Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March Holidays - River Safari

It's the 1 week March School Holidays again and we are bringing the kids to River Safari to see the pandas!
We were very fortunate that we managed to see both pandas - JiaJia and KaiKai and got to eat at the Panda Cafe too...had my Giant Panda Cappuccino and ordered 2 panda baos for the boys to try.
We managed to get discounted tickets from Qoo10 the day before. It was pretty easy, just had to print the e-ticket and exchanged it for tickets at the ticket booth. We reached Singapore River Safari slightly before 11am, after we got all 3 kids washed up, changed and packed their bags. The carpark was already so full!!!

My guess that besides tourists, there are probably many parents who are bringing their kids out for a daytrip here too since it's the school holidays. I'm totally enjoying my maternity leave here...bringing the boys out and being a local tourist. This time round I'm really enjoying my maternity leave every single bit because the boys are older and bigger, makes it really easy to bring them out and to spend more quality time with them.

 above: James having ezcema on his right cheek. It has been like this for 1 month now. Poor baby.

 The Panda's home was so cooling!! Totally air-conditioned. Makes me want to stay there longer.

 we caught both pandas eating and moving around their habitats.
Lunch at the Panda prices were on the high side because it's still a tourist attraction. So we ordered dim sums for everyone to share. The boys enjoyed their fried wontons. I like my panda cappuccino. The Panda baos had 2 different fillings which you can choose from - chocolate custard or red bean paste.  We ordered both baos in the red bean paste.

 Hubs working...24/7 literally.

And we are off on the River Safari Cruise! The sound system was really bad, couldn't hear the introduction and explanations on the riverside animals. On the cruise, we managed to catch some storks, giraffes and rhinoceros!

End of day capture: zzz.

stay tuned for my next post where we brought our kids to Marina Bay Sands for a nightover!

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