Friday, March 3, 2017

Jade // 73 days - TGIF

Here's my super busy routine as a baby...

830-9am: Time for me to wake up and shower.
9am: Feed, Play and Nap.I will watch my spider mobile for a good 15mins before I go onto my tummy exercise and try to lift my neck. Other times I just blow bubbles with my mouth.
1030am: Mummy brings me to St James kindy to fetch gor gor Jules and James from School. Most of the times whilst I'm waiting, I will fall asleep.
1145: We reach home and gor gor Jules and James eat their lunch.
12noon: Mummy feeds me. Play and Nap
3pm: Feed. Play and Nap
5pm: Time for my 2nd shower. I need to maintain my nice smell.
6pm: Feed. Time to go over to Gong Gong's place to fetch my 2 naughty brothers. Usually I will fall asleep when everyone is having their dinner cos it is so boring for me to watch everyone eat when I have already had my milk.
830pm: Home...mummy watches her 7pm drama which lasts till 9pm.
9pm: It's my milk time! Gor Gor Jules and James goes up for their bathes.
1030pm: Time for my princess sleep now. Good night!

Whilst I'm sleeping, my mummy will feed me one time at 12midnight, 3am and 6am.

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