Saturday, March 11, 2017

Jules and James in their Transformer suits

Finally James decided to wear his recyclable transformer suit!!! So that i have a chance to take some photos of my 2 boys in their awesome boxy costumes. hahah!!!

James was so shy when the day came to wear his costume to school. We lugged it to class and he didn't wear it at all. Jules on the other hand was super excited to show all his classmates his Optimus prime costume.
 above: The boys trying to transform themselves into trucks. 

After a few transformations, their body parts start to come off one by one. 
Jules' exhaust tubes are totally gone. His right headlight and small headlights (top) have dropped off. His wipers are coming off too. James on the other hand is slightly better due to fewer transformations. His exhaust pipes are still intact though his autobot logo has disappeared.

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