Friday, March 10, 2017

Breastfeeding Milk Journal - It's been a long time!

Ever since we came back from our holidays in Bali where I breastfeed Jade exclusively, I haven't pumped at all!
When we were in Bali, we were always on the go and our PD told us to breastfeed as much as possible as he is not sure of how "clean" Bali waters are when making formula milk. Plus it's really quite a hassle to bring bottles, milk powder and hot water flask.

Today so happens that both Jules and James have to wear their recycled costumes to school as it is the last day before they break for the term. Hubs needed some help in bringing the costumes to school, so I missed one Jade's feed and needed to come home to pump.

so here's my results. As you can see, one breast is definitely fuller than the other...but the most amazing thing is how much i have cut down on the time needed for pumping! Usually i took 30mins to pump, now i only need 15mins!

But the most important thing is that it just assures me of how much milk I can actually pump out as I can't see how much Jade is drinking when I'm breastfeeding. Plus it is said that you probably breastfeed more milk than pumping as pumping is not the same suction as how a baby suckle and extract milk out.

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