Friday, June 15, 2012

Jules #94 - Confinement Nanny

Jules and Nanny
Confinement nanny pays a visit!
And she has brought along with her 4 dumplings for me to eat. So nice of her...and i was updating her all about Jules while she sat and carried Jules. It's been a week since she has left and she said that Jules is looking different again! Really? I can't tell because i see him day in and day out.

Then i started to fold all the clothes and then i remembered!!!
I said I must take a photo of her because the day that she left, i totally forgotten to take a photo of her and Jules. 

So here's the photo.


  1. Is she really good? Would u recommend her to others?

  2. Hi ehlana,
    Yes she's a very nice lady and her confinement food are delicious!
    I highly recommend her!
    If you want her contact no, u can email me at


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