Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jules #79 - Jules Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower 1

Baby Shower Tea Party
I've decided to do a tea party in a Nursery Rhyme theme. It was a relatively simple table setting with a few children's books, fresh flowers and a simple collage to showcase my son's photo. We converted our study corner to a party table by overlaying an ikea shower curtain over the table and drawers.

Here are some details of the party!
Food Tags each came with a Nursery Rhyme
Every Finger food had its own food tag that came with a Nursery Rhyme.
Starry Sandwiches
Here are the Starry Sandwiches which hubs did overnight and left it in the fridge. The star picks we did about 2-3 days ago at night when Jules was asleep... We did 3 different sandwiches: Tuna, Ham & Cheese (a favourite with the kids) and Cucumber and Cheese.
Here's a zoom in on our sandwiches and the pretty cake which we bought. The cake is decorated with "baby shower" tags on the top.  I printed and cut the shape out and stick it on satay sticks to add some festive mood to the cake.
 And the star of the whole party are these lovely Baa Baa Cupcakes which our friend did for us!
Jules collage coupled with a watering can and fresh flowers. I added some paper butterflies to liven the flowers.

 Blue and green is the colour theme for my baby shower if you haven't guessed yet!

Drinks in a pail
Home made Ribena for our guest to quench their thirst this hot afternoon.

 Humpty Dumpty Red Eggs

 Paper buntings showing that we are having a Tea and Cake Party!
And if you noticed, there are pom poms hanging over my lamp! 
They are the "showers" of my party = cloud and raindrops.

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