Friday, June 15, 2012

Jules #92 - Jules change of clothings in a day!

This was the romper which i let him wore this morning after his shower...and his cutesy little pose while he was asleep during his morning nap...Hubs thinks that he is fat. But babies are meant to be like that isn't it?  That it why there is a term called "baby fat". But no later than noon, this little fella's pee overflowed out and soiled his romper. So I had to change him into his scooter romper.

 It's 5pm and it's time for his second shower of the day...and Grandpa is helping him undress now.

Jules: I am statue of liberty! Gimme my rights. Who says you can take my photo while i'm being changed?

Me: ok, now you are totally undressed Mr Statue of can continue with your fisted hand in the air for as long as I care. Time to shower now.

Jules in his final romper of the day. 3 rompers a day for a little fella! Makes a whole of washing for me! And he is wearing one of my favourite rompers - the one with the sheep patterns. Lately, we are half swaddling him (under the armpits) so that he can move his little arms around to exercise them. Obviously he's not very pleased with his cutesy tiger mittens from Aunt Caris.

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