Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jules #97 - Shave off!

After his usual shower and feed, this little fella will just KO like the lights turn off. So quickly we strapped him in his car seat and move him into the car and we are on our way to the barbers!
There's this place which does the shaving and making of calligraphy brushes with the babies hair. The place is called TaiMaoBi and they have 3 branches in Singapore.

Click here for website

 Here we are, at the branch opposite Thomson Medical Centre.

oh! where am I?
Is that a cockroach on Daddy's shoulder???
Super Inquisitive
Cheeky Boy
Hubs is telling Jules to be a good boy and not to move too much, but Jules goes YAWNS...

 Let the shaving begin! and Jules look to his dad for comfort...hand tugging at Hub's sleeve...and he notices that his hair is being shaved off!!! See how much he is pouting!!!

Quickly we gave him a pacifier before he starts to cry and it worked like a charm..soon all his hair was being shaved off.

 And our son, after shaving...looks like a little shaolin monk now.
All of Jules' hair and is enough to make a medium brush or 2 small brushes. So we opt for a medium brush and we are going to engrave his name and birthdate on it. Next time when he grows up, we can give it to him as a gift!
The different types of brushes with carvings

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