Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jules #113 - Calvin Klein Romper 1

Jules on the diaper station after his morning bathe
Today I decided that it is time for Jules to start wearing his cK romper collection which we bought from Spain outlet store when I was 5 months pregnant. Although the rompers are for 3-6 months, but the 0-3 months rompers seem to be a little tight for Jules!!! hahah...his dad is saying that he is fat again...

And after wearing his new spanky romper, it's tummy time now where I put him lying down to improve his motor skills...and he's having fun on his bolster.
curious little fella!

And he falls asleep after a few minutes on his tummy!
A hard day's work being a baby!
 Jules holding onto his hanky even when he is asleep....

 In no time at all, he fell asleep on the bolster with his little butt high up.

good night everyone! it's time for my morning nap!

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