Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jules #102 - Cheeky Jules

Today is one hella hectic day for me! Jules bullied me!!!

for starters, his morning shower while i was changing his diaper, he peed all over my thigh and my shorts were all wet but i still had to continue bathing him as i've already taken his romper out and didn't want him to catch a cold. After putting his clothes on, he refused to be left alone in the cot and kept crying to be carried. BUT BABY!!! mommy has to go wash herself and change into a new pair of patient.

Late morning, he started to have a temperature rise so i had to sponge bathe his little head and neck, finally it went down to 36degs...

Afternoon, just before daddy popped over with my lunch, i diaper changed him and OMG. He just pooed a BIG one. A REALLY BIG ONE that overspilled his diaper and all over his back.

Finally after his usual afternoon shower, i was putting his diaper on, he tried to pee on me again!! This little fountain of his is super nottie!!!

No wonder he is having a great time - last photo shows how happy he is with his whole day of mischief.

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