Saturday, June 23, 2012

Getting His Hepatitis B Jab

Yet another weekend is here and we are bringing Jules out!
This morning we called the Clinic and his paedi is in so we decided to do a walk-in to get him immunized with his second HepB jap.

Here's a look at his lion romper and matching smashing red booties which was a gift from his auntie Caris! And we are all set to go to his clinic.
Jules in his car seat.
Mummy burping me!
What a long wait at the clinic! Every baby wants to go to see their paedi on weekends with their daddys and mummys. Anyway finally Jules has gotten his jab and he was a brave boy! I almost thought he wouldn't cry when the needle poke into his thigh and his paedi inserted the liquid in. Just when he pulled the needle out, Jules gave a scream of cry!

YAY! at least he has some feelings. For a moment i was shocked that how come he couldn't feel the needle!!!!

After his jab, we went for lunch at Thai Express and he slept for awhile at the rowdy restaurant. The waitresses there are very nice but they are understaffed so we waited quite long for our bill to come.
Then we headed straight to Mothercare to buy some more milk bottles and a pupsik sling. And the little prince was awaked with his big eyes staring at us... saying "i want milk"

quickly i moved him out of Mothercare before he starts to cry..and bottle fed him. And he was a contented little baby once more.
Weight: 4.81 kilos Length: 56cm

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