Sunday, January 5, 2014

Jules - Yachting Day

One of our colleagues rented a yacht for a day and we all chipped in to pay for the rent and brought potluck to the yacht. We started the trip at Marina Keppel Bay and stopped over at Lazarus Island for a swim cum leisure walk.
Jules was very scared when the boat started moving with a rumbling sound.
after 1 fishball into his mouth, he stopped crying. 
I have no idea he's really afraid of the noise or he was just hungry.

jules + hubs + me
And we have reached the island! It was a very quiet place with a glass pavilion at the jetty. Think the glass pavilion was built to hold events such a wedding. Imagine the bride and bridegroom coming into the glass pavilion from a yacht!!! What a grand entrance that would make yah?
we gave Jules a lalang to play

 there was a "permanent resident" on the island and he looks like a witches' cat! So black!!!

 grow up real fast!!!

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