Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jules #252 - Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park

Jules all ready to face the sun with his cap!
After attending a seminar where there was a landscape architect who gave his talk on the 62 hectare Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park, i was so fascinated and captivated by how the huge concrete canal was given a new facelift into something so natural and extraordinary!
So i decided to bring Hubs and Jules to see this natural water cleansing eco park!
Some interesting features include three exciting playgrounds, a community garden, a vantage point on a hill that gives one a landmark view of the park, and a Riverside Gallery.

Jules and Hubs looking at the huge bioswale
The transformation of the canal into a river involved a series of bioengineering techniques and the use of a combination of natural materials such as vegetation and rocks. Civil engineering techniques were also used to stabilise the slope and control soil erosion.
The water quality in the ponds and river is maintained, without the use of chemicals, by a cleansing biotope located in Pond Gardens. It consists of carefully selected plants which filter out pollutants while absorbing nutrients from the water.
The morning weather was so sunny that after walking a loop around the park, we decided to rest our feet at McDonalds and to chill out.
Jules and his headphone bib
Resting here indoors in the air-conditioned McDonalds...Phew. Think it's such a wonderful relief from the sunny outdoors. Even Jules is enjoying himself.

Love this pic - i call it the TWIN TOWERS

The boys are just enjoying themselves!

 introducing Jules to the idea of "cold"

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