Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jules #261 - BUMBO

Finally we decided to buy the Bumbo from Kiddy Palace at $80 in bright blue colour.
After seeing the yellow and green, blue was the choice which hubs made because he believes boys should have everything blue.

I told him that if our second baby is a girl, he will have to buy the hot pink one for me!!!

The Bumbo comes with a tray. But for convenience's sake, we decided not to use the tray as it's already quite difficult to put the little fella in. And it's even harder to take him out! Everytime when I want to lift Jules out from the Bumbo, he looks like a hermit crab with a shell behind him!

Buying the Bumbo has our much deliberation because it was being recalled after a parent deemed it as unsafe. However, the bumbo is meant for the baby to sit in with supervision and not WITHOUT.
So as long as your baby is under supervision at all times in his bumbo, and the bumbo sits on the floor and not on a high object like the table, I think it's perfectly safe for the little one.

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