Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jules #256 - The Star

Here we are, at the Atrium of the new shopping mall at Buona Vista, The Star.
From the road level, one can descend down to the mega open air, naturally cool atrium space from a flight of mega stairs which doubles up as a seating arena that faces a water play area for children. The area is very family orientated and friendly and a changing shower area was dedicated for kids to wash up and dry after playing.

there are many F&B outlets here too, so there's loads of variety to choose from. Besides restaurants, cafes, yoghurt bars, fast food, ramen stalls, there's also a foodcourt found on the top floor of the retail podium.

The retail quantum is quite little as compared to the F&B outlets.
Not sure whether the atrium is hot in the day as we visited the mall in the evening and it was raining that day too, so the overall place was quite cooling and comfortable.

However, there are many people visiting this mall and the queues to most F&B outlets are really long and windy. So be prepared to wait!

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