Saturday, July 9, 2016

Babymoon #3 - Bangkok Day 4

10am: Today we had a late start and we are off to Victory Monument station to have our Boat Noodles.
Boat Noodles@Victory Monument - The Best of the Boat Noodles

it was a sunny morning and for those of you who have time to spare, before reaching the Boat Noodles, there are more pasar malam stalls on the way there.

Each bowl is 12baht and if you order 10 bowls of noodles from the start, you get a pet cola bottle for free!

we had 10 bowls here!
From Victory Monument, we continued our train journey to Mo Chit Station to Chatuchak! Right outside the market, there were food stalls and we bought a coconut ice cream to share. You can add as much toppings as you want on the ice cream.

our coconut ice cream and us!

after walking for 2 hours, I was getting abit tired and thirsty, so we settled our feet at this small coffee joint called Weekend Coffee & Toast and had a thai ice lemon tea. Guess what? It started to rain!!! hahaha....and the weather became so cooling and windy breeze came. Once the drizzle stopped, we carried on walking chatuchak. Although we didn't bring back many bags of goods, but we enjoyed ourselves quite a lot, thanks to the wonderful weather!

I bought some bedroom fragrance from this place called Peylaa

Bought fried chicken for 30baht. Damn good, cripsy, hot and lots of meat!

squid eggs for 60baht, this one i don't recommend. Not nice, all flour.

After walking chatuchak for 4 hours or so, we left and back to the hotel for refreshments! and rest our feet.

i bought 2 pairs of shorts from chatuchak at 50baht each.
50baht tights for princess
pom pom elephant print 139baht.
Dinner at Greyhound Cafe Central World
Tried their complicated noodles, hubs had his creamy spaghetti carbonara. Frankly speaking he is getting tired of Thai food and needs some comfort food. So when he heard Greyhound cafe has quite good western food, he was most delighted! Ordered a ice tea (cubes are made with ice tea too!) and ginger ale. Basket of their signature fried chicken wings and our total bill came up to 829baht.
Warm buns with butter are served after ordering.

hubs creamy spaghetti carbonara
Signature Fried Chicken Wings and Complicated Noodles
After dinner, we went to AFTER YOU Dessert cafe for their famous Shibuya Honey Toast and Chocolate Lava. Love their free flow of dessert tea at the counter where you can top up as much as you want.

Our Shibuya Honey Toast. I really love this no matter how full my stomach is!
The toast is super crispy and buttered that it goes so well with the vanilla ice cream and honey. Delicious!!!

The chocolate lava was quite good too with oozing thick dark chocolate in its center!  Portions are small so it's perfect for two just after a heavy meal.

Good night!

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