Thursday, July 7, 2016

Babymoon #3 - Bangkok Day 2

Hello BKK Day 2
7am: Rise and shine as we are off to Pratunam Morning market!!! This is a morning market which closes at about 10am, it's open air and not within a shopping mall. Prices start from 100 baht wholesale, and by means of wholesale, you will need to buy at least 3 of the same item or design, you can't mix or match.

 Above: Pratunam Wholesale Market
 earrings are 15baht per pair

 Above: Pratunam Morning Market, busy busy busy!
Many vendors in white tents with push carts and trolleys.
 nearby there's a push cart selling thai milk tea and coffee - jolly fella!

After shopping, we decided to stopped over to have a bowl of noodles in the wholesale market because we saw many locals are dining here.
OMG! it was damn good!! the noodles were springy, had no yeast taste at all. The meatball, fishballs were fresh and QQ and accompanied with a fried wanton and slices of fishcake. Best of all was the sauce! I have no idea what it was made off, but from the photos, you can see that the both of us were busy eating once I had a snapshot of the bowl of noodles. There was no stopping!

930am: back to our Hotel for our daily breakfast. Wait, didn't we have breakfast already?!?! Yes, this is our 2nd breakfast.
 3 dresses from Pratunam Morning Market - silky pleated dress, 200 baht each.
 cute sailor dress with matching undies - 200baht
 4 tees which cost me $130 baht each

Next - Platinum Fashion Mall!!

 cute teddy bear keychain for 100 baht
 Havaianas for the whole herd - 350baht per pair regardless of size
 Next stop was Soi 19 Wanton Noodles - Look at that snaking queue!!!
How to get there: Located in the same lane as Shibuya 19 Shopping Mall. On the road opposite Platinum Mall, walk towards Shibuya 19 Mall and McDonald's (against the traffic flow). When you see McDonald's, turn right into Soi 19. You should see the eatery somewhere in the middle of the lane on the right hand side plus a queue... that starts about 9ish in the morning.

 Whilst waiting for our noodles to come, hubs is busy coordinating with carpenter via whatsapp
 so many people eating the same bowl of noodles. 
each bowl is 100 baht. Not cheap and the portion is small.
 see! even with our arrival of noodles, hubs is still working....
He cannot live without his phone.

 we did a short trip to Union Mall, but ended up buying nothing.
On the way to Ratchada Market, there is this huge field of sunflowers outside Esplanade Mall!

Talad Rod Fai 2 - Ratchada Market, Thu – Sun 5pm to midnight.
GO: MRT Thailand Cultural Centre, exit 4, turn right walk straight till you get to esplanade mall. Walk through the mall.
Try: Noodle Jompalang (gigantic bowl of noodle), Midnight Pangyen (shaved ice with toppings of your choice)
we arrived here pretty early and some of the stalls were only beginning to set up.

my medium size giant Jompalang noodles. There's a large portion one which we didn't venture.
 big sized fishball, whole egg, fried wanton skins, prawn, char siew, vegetables, wantons! This bowl cost us 170 baht.
 to cool ourselves, we went to Dessert Cafe for a whole bowl of bingsu
View from our hotel room - heavy traffic along Pratunum's a common affair. So best to take the train to avoid traffic jams.
On the 6th storey of Platinum Fashion Mall, there's a mini mart where you can buy many types of local products! I bought different thai curry pastes for my mothers, Bento cuttlefish snak, Tao Kae Noi seaweed packs and corn snacks to bring home for my relatives and colleagues.
Alternatively, you can go to Big C supermarket which is directly opposite Central World to do you grocery shopping.
From Platinum Fashion Mall, i bought a set of 5 rompers carters for 890baht,  shoes at 280 baht, blanket 150baht, yacht dress with matching undies for 250baht and 5 pairs of baby socks at 110 baht each.
hubs bought a aztec carry it all bag for 170 baht.
2 pairs of really cute shoes for princess!

 3 dresses which I bought for 150baht each. Really good quality!
these earrings from Platinum mall are pricier as compared to the morning ones from Pratunam wholesale market. These are about 100baht per pair. Dangling pearl necklace 100baht.

good night!


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