Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Babymoon #3 - Bangkok Day 1

it's my babymoon trip #3 and this time we are off to the land of smiles - Thailand Bangkok for a short getaway from the kids. We flew into Bangkok via SQ, total cost was $512.80 for the 2 of us and during the flight, there was a great turbulance and the plane dropped down by quite a bit which sent many ladies screaming in terror!
fortunately we arrived Bangkok safe and sound. Took a pink taxi that ran on meter to our hotel - Novotel Platinum Pratunam. The first toll was 75Baht, the second toll cost us 50B and on top of that, there was a hotel surcharge of another 50Baht. The taxi meter was do the Math. I'm just glad to check into our hotel and get freshen up for another round of dinner in BKK!!!
We stayed on the top most floor - 25th floor and there's a premium lounge on the 24th floor where we get refreshments the whole day plus evening cocktails with free flow of alcohol. The swimming pool is on the 9th floor, the daily breakfast is on the 6th floor which leads directly to Platinum Fashion Mall. So rain or shine, you will definitely be covered and air conditioned all the way!
 That's our room for the next 5 nights!
 Amenities in the bathroom for us to use, which we didn't...very used to using our own....
Once we have freshened up, we head straight for some street snacks!!! Along the street that leads to Central world, there are many food vendors and stalls setting up under the bridge and along the pedestrian walkway.

We decided to settle our stomachs at one of the food stalls and ordered one bowl of Tom Yum Goong, some chilli vegetables which we thought was Kang Kong when we ordered but turned out that we were wrong. One plate of oyster omelette, one plate of rice and they served us a bucket of ice without asking...Total cost was 460baht.

 sorry for the blurry photo cos i didn't check, just took the photo and quickly start to eat!!! hahaha

snacks which we bought from 7-ll after our supper - meiji yakult, soy bean juice in a bottle, green tea kit kat ice cream and different Lay potato chip flavours, dried mango and WUFU cuttlefish sticks.
some super cute coin pouches (3 for 100 baht) and hairbands which i got for 100 baht each.

good night!


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