Saturday, December 10, 2016

Jules and James - Tanglin Mall Snow and Brunetti Gelato

My mum suggested that we should bring our 2 boys to the Tanglin Mall Snow which is aka Fantasy Christmas at Tanglin Mall. There's the avalanche which happens at 2 corners of the huge christmas tree at 730pm on weekdays and 2 sessions at 730pm and 830pm on weekends.

It's just loads of foam on the ground where children can play in.
After the "avalanche", there's the "Snow" where little foams gets blow across the whole display area. Ok, this ones gets quite messy...if you want the kiddos to have a really enjoyable time, you might want to consider bringing their swimwear or change of clothes after the foam play.

Most parents and grandparents wait out at starbucks, while the kids are playing.

Avalanche: 730pm Snow: 745pm

Avalanche: 730pm and 830pm Snow: 745pm and 845pm.

 James looking at another boy who has just returned from the Avalanche with loads of foam...
Both my sons were very interested in the avalanche but too shy to go out and play. Finally after waiting for 15mins, the snow started. This time round, I made hubs carried the 2 boys out so that they can enjoy some fun!

Jules enjoyed it at first but after the foam got into his face and mouth...he got abit upset with the he wanted to leave...James just looked downwards so that snow doesn't get onto his face. Clever little boy!

We didn't wait for the snow show to end and headed indoors for some gelato at Brunetti's. Another clever idea of my mum. She just wanted to treat the boys to some sweets, although i was telling her no-no all the way.
 James ate all my dark chocolate and Jules ate my mum's peppermint.

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