Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Jade - Meet our littlest member

dear jade,
you are so adorable and already full of character at such a young age. You pooped everyday and even during your bath which sent the confinement nanny in a frenzy so much so that nanny complains to me that never in her 20 years has she met a baby who pooped during a bath! hah!

at 3 days you are glurping down 60mls of milk and I just couldn't keep up with my breast milk. Only on the 6th day then I had enough breast milk pumped out for you. And the funniest thing is every time after a feed, you just do your loudest burp (which sometimes shocked the hellouta me) without me having to pat you.

we love you so so much and so do your 2 naughty cheeky brothers who always come and pat your head, knocked you out of your naps and screamed shamelessly even though they know you are sound asleep.

mum & dad

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