Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Jade - Day 3 Discharging out from the hospital!

YAY! Today is our last day in the hospital. If everything goes well, fingers cross for Jade to pass her Jaundice test, we will be able to go out. 
For breakfast, I decided to opt out my regular fish congee and went with the egg omelette which was delicious!! Served with grapefruit juice and 2 slices of wholemeal bread spread with marmalade and butter.
Hubs had congee with a cuppa coffee. He skipped his bread with jam. 

Nurse pushes Jade in for me to breast feed her. OMG. I'm so not used to this routine yet.

930am: Appointment to do the birth certificate
You will need
  1. marriage certificate
  2. parents IC
  3. Live birth
At Mount Elizabeth, you will also need to make a booking first before you go down to do your birth certificate. So better check the opening times before making a booking.

while hubs was making a few trips to the car with all our baggage and gifts from friends. The phone rang and it was the PD Dr Siva. (He's covering for our usual PD who has gone for his xmas holidays) He called to say that Jade's bilirubin levels are under 200 so we can be discharged!

The nurses came to check my final blood pressure, did more paperwork. My gynae came to visit me every morning too, to check on my stitches as well as health. I was told that I only had a few stitches so I only need to go back to her in about one month's time.

1130am: finally we checked out!
some photos of Jade who has just changed into her new outfit and swaddle. A nurse came in to help us change her out and gave us the mummy bag which contained some freebies - diapers, milk samples, magazine, feminine wipes, baby wash etc

above: cute Jade with her tongue sticking out!

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