Monday, December 19, 2016

Jade - In the delivery room!

All the on-goings in a delivery suite

Seconds after Jade's delivery! - where she is taken to the weighing machine to have her weight taken, the nurse also announced her time of birth, recorded it on her birth card and placed her under a warmer without her clothes on as babies lose body heat quickly. She was given an injection of vitamin K, which helps the blood to clot (at the umbilical cord). Next she was footprinted on her health booklet and identification bands are placed on her wrist and ankles. A matching one was tied to my wrist too which will gives out a melody when she is near me.

All these were taking place while my gynae was delivering my placenta. She was massaging my uterus and slowly it was being pulled out, shown to me...*shudder*. Next i had a few stitches done, I didn't feel any pain as I'm still under the effects of epidural. Jade was brought to me, on my breast to initiate the bond.

We waited in the delivery ward for about half an hour or so before we were moved to my ward. As the epidural needs about 6-8 hours to wear off, i was not allowed to leave the bed and was given a green band. My left leg was much more numb as compared to my right thigh. About 4 hours after delivery, another nurse came in to help me to the toilet. Taught me how to clean myself and helped me with a sanitary pad. Gosh i saw myself in the mirror and OMG. My belly was so huge! I looked like i haven't delivered Jade at all.

My blood pressure was taken like almost every hour or so...didn't really rest much. And i was given painkillers to curb uterine contractions and probably the aftermath of delivery once the epidural wears off.
Above: Proud daddy and my lunch order chit where I'm having confinement meals - steamed cod fish for my main, green papaya soup, poached pear with snow fungus for desert and longan drink.

Jade in her pink swaddle...comfy and sleeping.

Above: Jade's little foot and little feet 

Time passes so quickly when you are tired. So it was dinner time. This time I ordered Western! I had marinated beef steak as my main, confinement soup - fish maw and chicken dang shen soup, chocolate cake for desert which was terrible and longan drink.

hubs will be staying in with me for the next 2 days so he was given a lodger's meal (the menu is exactly the same for the mummys). It cost about $97 for the entire day's meals which includes breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper.

The beef steak was well done with sauce on the side. At Mount Elizabeth hospital, you can order your meals through a tablet which has a wide range of variety to choose from.  You can choose from Confinement to western, to local, vegetarian, indian and deli! The network is a bit slow in the hospital, but have all the time in the world because practically you are confined to your room for the next 2 days.

At the hospital, there's breastfeeding classes conducted everyday at 9am and bathing classes at 430pm. Housekeeping comes in twice a day to top up the water and clears all the trash. Shift nurses comes in to report too! Although everything is well organised, i sometimes wish I could have a straight 3 hours nobody-comes-through-my-door session. Basically i didn't rest at all until past midnight where I sent Jade back to the nursery so that I could catch some forty winks but the nurse brought her back 5 hours later....


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