Monday, December 19, 2016

Jade - Arrival (A Mum's Labour Journal)

18 Dec Sunday 11am:
slight cramps. hmm. i told hubs might be tonight!
better have a good lunch later....

18 Dec Sunday 1130pm:
started to have some contractions which i thought probably, maybe...can be cramps or even braxton hicks. Really not sure since i have these on-going "menstrual cramps" for a few weeks now.

19 Dec Monday 2am:
ok...these cramps are at an interval of 10mins each. quite regular. however they don't grow stronger or shorter. hmm...? I asked hubs whether should we go to the hospital. He went downstairs to pack his bag, laptop and camera. Then he came up to zzz...ok. Now what?

19 Dec Monday 430am:
These cramps are still going at 10mins interval. However I'm spotting a "painful" look on my face which hubs says it's different now. So he got up and said...ok let's go.

19 Dec Monday 5am:
Reach the hospital and the nurse quickly ask for my urine sample. There's some bloody show. She gave me a quick check and said that I was 5cm dilated. Both Gynae and Anesthetist were called. My gynae immediately said that she is on the way! (FYI, i'm quite fast when it comes to labour...)
Nurse asked tons of questions which annoyed me very much, probably because of her accent and seriously when I'm in pain, how the hell can i remember when was the last time i had my antibiotics taken!!! And what was my blood pressure the last time I checked at my gynae's. DUH!!!
And when she asked how heavy was the baby, hubs and I said 3kgs...she gave a roll eye ball look and said: "but look so small..."
in labour mum is super annoyed now.

19 Dec Monday 6am:
I'm now 8cm dilated. Epidural just administered. My gynae has arrived and told me to catch some nap cos with the epidural...things will go slightly slower now.

19 Dec Monday 830am:
Gynae came in to check and say "Let's get to work!"

19 Dec Monday 841am:
Wynter Jade arrived in my arms...eyes wide opened. Super cute and flushed red. Weighing 3.21kgs at 40 weeks, head circumference 34cm and 50cm long. She has caught up with her brothers when my gynae said that she was "petite".

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