Friday, December 16, 2016

Jules and James - The Grandstand Playground

The Grandstand, previously known as Turf City...which hubs and I are so used to calling this place.
Anyway, they used to have large areas of lalang gardens which have now been converted to playground areas!

There's a merry go round, a slide and swings. One of the swings features a roller coaster chair, quite unique in its own way.

Jules and James were having fun at this little playground before we settled for dinner.
I thought it was pretty early for dinner too, so I agreed to let them play first.

There's a small food court here where hubs and I love the carrot cake. Our wedding photographer recommended the chicken rice here... I tried their bah chor mee too, acceptable too.

Then there's a coffeeshop that sells baos and noodles. The char siew bao though small but the filling is really alot and the skin of the bao is thin. So it's quite worth it. The noodles are very yummy especially the 可口面。They are just next to the foodcourt.

The other restaurant which hubs and i love here is the TungLok Xihe Peking Duck...the peking duck is really good.

hmm what else have we tried here...i guess some of the seafood restaurants like Owen Seafood and Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant.

Guess the next time if we happen to come here, i would like to try the Rong Fu Ji Steam pot where you steam your food and the juices drips down to a pot of porridge at the bottom. Sounds pretty healthy and yummy to me!

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