Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Jade - Day 2 Lunch@Mt Elizabeth Hospital

It's lunch time and I'm having my confinement selection and hubs has ordered western. Basically the food is quite nice and you can order with less salt, less oil, less spicy...the list goes on and on.
The only thing which i didn't like is that the food comes really hot and all clinged wrapped. So it's very difficult to remove the cling wrap and I hate to eat my food cold. Last time it was served with a plastic cover which was so easy to remove.
 My nourishing soup - black chicken with chinese herbs
 burping Jade here while watching telly.

Now it's time for hubs to carry Jade...while i go and pee. Not that we don't want to put her down in the plastic cot but everytime when we do that she starts to cry and the nurses will come in. We feel a bit obliged to keep the wailing down. If I was at home, I will just let her cry man. While hubs was happily watching telly from his sofa...our 2 boys came to pay us a visit! YAY!
 miss my 2 rascals!!!
hubs' parents brought our 2 sons to visit us. Jules offered to carry his little sister. As usual his brotherly instinct shows up clearly as compared to James who acts differently in front of the baby.
Above: Can you tell the difference? One hand belongs to hubs while the other belongs to Jules, holding Jade's 2 little feet.
 My 2 boys enjoy watching telly the most out of this trip to the hospital.

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