Monday, December 19, 2016

Jules and James - The boys come to visit me at the hospital

Both my boys will be spending 2 nights over at my in-laws while I "enjoy" my 3D2N vacay at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. It's really a sit and wait to become a milk bar with the nurses pushing in bb Jade in the wee hours of the morning. Nowadays, hospitals are encouraging mothers to "room-in" with their babies within the 24-72hours of birth for baby and mother to bond. And to let baby latch on. Gosh...i practically didn't sleep the whole of last night, so I was actually really tired...ok I let them latch her on for me while i was in the delivery room and all the way to the ward. But when it was about lunch time, i think i nearly fell asleep during my meal. So i told them to bring her to the nursery.

soon...My in-laws brought the 2 boys over at lunch time to visit me. But Jade was in the nursery so they didn't get to see her in my ward. Although they came to see me...but i think they see the telly more. And when it was time to leave, Jules refused because he wanted so badly to watch the Disney channel...

good. maybe now i have some chance to zzz.

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