Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Pregnancy #3 - Oblong for their red velvet waffles

it's a weekday. I've just visited my gynae and seriously have no clue as to when I will deliver. Lately i have been craving for sweet waffles with ice cream in the middle of the night. So after some googling, i heard that Oblong has quite good reviews for their red velvet waffles and decided to come here to try today.

Currently they have a weekday promotion from 12noon to 6pm where you buy a waffle combo and you get 1 scoop of ice cream free. Which means the combo comes with a scoop of ice cream and a drink...now you get 2 scoops of ice cream!
Above: my lovely red velvet waffles (deep pocket) with 1 scoop of ice earl vanilla and 1 scoop of milo dinosaur. Awesome. I love the moist red velvet waffles. But best of all, i really digged the ice earl vanilla ice cream!!! It was so good!!!

The only part which i wished was if they could have given more chocolate sauce, that would have made it the ultimate waffles that i had.

 me and my red velvet waffle. 
I'm currently in my 39 week of pregnancy now.
my boys shared the strawberry shortcake waffle which was only so-so because the cream and strawberries where too little. And so was the chocolate sauce. We ordered a peppermint chocolate ice cream and strawberry ice cream for them.

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